Home Care Package Subsidy

Optimal Essentials have developed an online system which makes it easy for you to access our range of natural health products specifically designed to improve your nutrition. Our nutrition assessment questionnaire is developed by qualified dietitians who can recommend supplements tailored to your specific requirements. This simple process is designed to improve the general health and wellbeing of senior Australians and can now be included in your Home Care Plan. 

By completing the nutritional questionnaire our clients receive a dietitian approved product recommendation based on a validated assessment tool. This recommendation has been developed so that it can be incorporated into your home care plan. This will then allow you to have the cost of the recommended products covered completely by your plan subject to the approval of your Home Care Provider.

We automatically send your Home Care Provider a copy of your dietitians recommendation. Your Home Care Provider can then approve the order and they will be invoiced directly and the product/s sent directly to your home.