Chocolate Chia Pudding

This is such an easy and simple recipe for Chocolate Chia pudding. Perfect for breakfasts or snacks!



2 tablespoons Chia seeds

2 teaspoon Cacao powder

1 tsp OE Immune powder

1 tablespoon Maple syrup

1 cup Almond milk

Decorate with Raspberries or your choice of fruit


  • In a bowl combine chia seeds, cacaoo powder, Immune powder, Almond milk and Maple syrup. Whisk to combine. Let sit 5 minutes, then whisk again to remove any clumps.
  • Cover, and let chia pudding rest for at least 10 minutes before eating. Or, place in fridge overnight to thicken. The longer you wait the thicker it will become.
  • Decorate with fruit when ready to eat.


Image and recipe - Twospoons