Why Powders?


A healthy outside starts from the inside


你的健康由你所 吃的东西决定

There is not ONE food that has it all and not ONE food can give us everything we need.  Even if that food is supposedly sourced from the virgin rainforest of South America (if there is any left) or is a rediscovered seed, plant or berry revered by a long lost ancient extinct civilisation (perhaps they did not eat enough of it or they may still be here). 

因此,没有一种食物可以拥有所有的营养,没有单一的一种食物可以为我们做到这一点。 即使这种食物据说来自南美洲的原始雨林(如果有任何遗留物),或者是一种重新发现的种子,植物或浆果受到长期失去的古老灭绝文明的尊重(也许他们吃得不够,或者他们可能 还在这里)。

Seriously though, we all want the quick fix. Swallow a pill that’s got it all, put that rubber wristband on and you’ll have a new and better body, and the list goes on. So let’s get down to basics. Is it true that ‘you are what you eat’ and ‘are we as a civilisation digging our own graves with our knives and forks’? Probably, yes to both.

说真的,我们都想要快速修复。 吞下一颗已经完成的药丸,戴上橡胶腕带,你就会拥有一个新的更好的身体等等。 那么让我们来看看基础知识。 “你吃的是什么就能给你带来什么”,“我们作为一个用刀和叉挖掘我们自己的坟墓的文明”,这是真的吗? 可能,两者都是。

The level of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, amino acids as well as various fibres, pre and probiotics in our products are so extensive that we just can’t fit it all on the labels.


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