A powerful renewing and revitalising infusion containing strong, natural cleansing and detoxing properties which may help purify the body of harmful toxins, improve your skin health, delay ageing, boost your immune system, and speed up your metabolism to help you lose weight.

    If you suffer from everyday minor stress or weight issues SUPER DETOX is a great option to help restore the balance, combat strong cravings and supply your body with the nutrients you need.

    Plus this potent superfood infusion contains ingredients like Turmeric, Acai, Spinach and many  more known to be very effective at boosting the liver's recovery from excess alcohol and food.

    It’s loaded with real, plant-based ingredients that your body will love!

    • Purify Detox & Cleanse
    • Metabolism boosting
    • Immune strengthening
    • Revitalising
    • 100% NATURAL - NO sugar, additives, preservatives, colours or fillers
    • Packed full of nutritious plant-based superfoods
    • Safe with all medication
    • Safe for Diabetics
    • Non GMO, Gluten & Dairy FREE
    • VEGAN
    • NOT tested on animals  -  (only  relatives!)
    • We endeavour to always source Australian ingredients first

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