We formulated SLEEP & REVIVE to help you relax and unwind after a busy and hectic day because we all know when you sleep well, your mornings are productive and get your day started off right!  

    And you can rest assured knowing it’s made with 100% natural food ingredients, so you can expect the best sleep of your life, without worrying about any nasty side effects.  

    When made as a delicious latte, SLEEP & REVIVE can be great for helping with sleep, help support the immune system, ease anxiety and even aid digestion.

    So start incorporating SLEEP & REVIVE into your nightly routine to help you get a soothing sleep with sweet dreams.


    Here's a few ways Sleep & Revive could help you:
    Help you sleep
    Calm and relax your mind
    Support your immune system
    Wake feeling refreshed & energised

    • Non-habit forming
    • 100% NATURAL - NO sugar, additives, preservatives, colours or fillers
    • Packed full of nutritious plant-based superfoods
    • Safe with all medication
    • Safe for Diabetics
    • Non GMO, Gluten & Dairy FREE
    • VEGAN
    • NOT tested on animals  -  (only  relatives!)
    • We endeavour to always source Australian ingredients first

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