We Streamline the Process for Home Care Providers

We have developed our model to simplify the process to enable Home Care Providers to support their client’s nutritional needs. We believe that Home Care Providers can play a positive role in enabling their clients to access nutrition advice and products through their Home Care Packages. To assist Home Care Providers, we have invested in systems to allow them to efficiently enable their clients to access quality nutritional advice and products in the following ways.

  • Our systems are all online enabling a central accessible system for HCPs and their clients to communicate.
  • With the support of their HCPs, clients can complete the online questionnaire within approximately 5 minutes.  This will automatically generate a nutrition assessment based on our algorithm developed by our dietitians to recommend products to improve the client’s nutrition.
  • This recommendation will automatically be sent to the HCP for inclusion in their clients Home Care Plan.
  • The client and the HCP have the opportunity to ask questions with our dietitians and can modify the recommendations if required. 
  • If the client wants to proceed with the nutrition plan using our products, the client or the HCP can approve the order online. An invoice is automatically sent to the HCP for payment.
  • Once the order is placed the products will be delivered to the client directly.
  • HCPs will have the ability to allocate clients to individual staff for whom they are responsible. A HCP staff member will be able to access and edit, modify or cancel all of their clients orders as they see appropriate and will also efficiently be able to manage the payment authorisation process for their accounts team.
  • Clients will be able to sign up for a subscription program where their ongoing needs are met by regular automatic delivers of product where the invoicing is automatically sent to the HCP for payment. HCP or clients will be able to cancel the subscription program at any time.

We are committed to ensuring HCP can help provide their clients with the best nutrition advice and products in the most efficient way. We are committed to working with HCPs to further develop our systems to improve their productivity and efficiency to enable them to deliver the best outcomes for their clients.

To contact us about registering as a Home Care Provider with Optimal Essentials please contact us by email on hcp@optimalessentials.com.au or completing the form accessed via the link.

Register as a Home Care Provider