Iced Espresso
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A delicious and refreshing drink, perfect for a hot day! 

This is made from strong coffee that has been left to cool and then poured over a glass of ice cubes and chilled to icy refreshment.  Iced coffee is on every café menu as soon as the summer days are here. 

When preparing iced coffee, I use espresso coffee which is dark and intense as it holds up best against melting ice cubes and still has a good, strong flavour once the ice has diluted it somewhat.  Milk may be added, for a more cappuccino than espresso flavour.


½ cup strong espresso coffee, cooled

1 glass of ice

Stevia (optional)

100ml water or milk of your choice

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Pour the espresso into the glass of ice and sweeten to taste.  Add water or milk and enjoy immediately.



Iced coffee is extremely good with a scoop of gelati or ice cream.  Chill the espresso over ice, and then strain it to remove any remaining ice cubes.  Serve immediately with the gelati or ice cream on top.

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