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Dr Philip Sheldon holds a Doctorate in Public Health & Nutrition, graduating from Flinders University in South Australia. He also has a Master’s Degree in Health Science (Human Nutrition Deakin University, Vic) a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Science and Nutrition, with a Graduate Diploma of Applied Science in Integrative, Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (Swinburne University, Vic).  Dr Sheldon has studied extensively in Herbal Medicine and Nutritional Medicine.

菲尔谢尔顿博士拥有南澳大利亚弗林德斯大学的公共卫生与营养博士学位。 他还拥有健康科学硕士学位(人类营养学迪肯大学,维多利亚洲),应用科学和营养学学士学位,以及综合营养和环境医学应用科学研究生文凭(斯威本大学,维多利亚州)。 谢尔顿博士在草药和营养医学方面也进行了广泛的研究。

Dr Phil’s background is not only of an academic nature, he was in clinical practice for over 10 years and has been heavily involved in consulting for the health industry, developing new products and formulas, as well as product development and promotion for various natural supplement manufacturers.


Having a special interest in public health and nutrition and food safety, Dr Phil initially worked in the field of nutritional care for cancer suffers going through treatment using good nutrition to help the patients obtain a better outcome and help fight the illness.  This lead to the launch of Optimal Essentials - 100% naturally organic superfood powders.

菲尔博士对公共卫生和营养以及食品安全特别感兴趣,最初在癌症营养保健领域工作,使用良好营养的治疗,帮助患者获得更好的结果并帮助对抗疾病。 这导致了Optimal Essentials的推出 - 100%天然有机超级食品粉末。


Suitable for the whole family, Dr Phil's products are whole-food based which means all ingredients are obtained from whole food sources with no addition of synthetic vitamins, fillers or additives.  They can be safely taken while on medication or during pregnancy as all ingredients are naturally food derived.

菲尔博士的产品适用于整个家庭,是全食品,这意味着所有成分均来自全食物来源,不添加合成维生素,填充剂或添加剂。 它们可以在服药期间或怀孕期间安全服用,因为所有成分都是天然食物来源。


Dr Phil’s attention then turned to children’s nutrition, as having grandchildren his interest was drawn to the nutritional benefits for children who are quite often fussy eaters and can be prone to eating unhealthy foods, high in calories and low in good nutrition.  A children’s natural superfood powder, very high in all the essential nutrients to develop a healthy immune system, strong bones and assist with brain, cognitive and macular development (eyesight) was the culmination of his research.

菲尔博士的注意力转向了儿童的营养,因为有了孙子女,他的兴趣被吸引到了经常挑食的儿童的营养,并且小孩子很可能容易吃不健康的食物,高热量和低营养。 儿童的天然超级食物粉末,含有所有必需营养素,以发展健康的免疫系统,强壮的骨骼和协助大脑,认知和视力发育是他的研究的高潮。


The strongest of buildings is only as good as its foundation and good nutrition is the foundation for healthy adults and children.  He is currently working on improving baby/infant formulas.

强大的建筑物的地基一定要好,同样的道理,良好的营养是健康成人和儿童的基础。 他目前正致力于改善婴儿/幼儿配方奶粉。

Dr Phil is also qualified and accredited in Naturopathy, Sports Conditioning, Fitness Testing, Fitness Instruction, Aerobics, Sports Training, and Sports Injury and is a SA & NSW Accredited Community Fitness Leader. Dr Sheldon was also behind the formation of the TAFE fitness leader courses and lectured for TAFE on these courses in Industry Issues and Business Management.  Dr Sheldon is also a member of the Australian Sports Medicine Federation and a member of the Australian Sports Trainers Association, a past President of the Fitness Industry Association and a member of ACNEM (Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine) and the ATMS (Australian Traditional Medicine Society).

菲尔博士还获得了自然疗法,运动调节,健身测试,健身指导,健美操,运动训练和运动损伤方面的资格和认证,并且是南澳州和新南威尔士州认可的社区健身领导者。 谢尔顿博士也支持TAFE健身领导者课程的组建,并为TAFE讲授这些行业问题和商业管理课程。谢尔顿博士还是澳大利亚运动医学联合会会员,澳大利亚体育训练师协会会员,健身行业协会前任主席,ACNEM(澳大利亚营养与环境医学学院)和ATMS(澳大利亚传统学会)会员。


Dr Phil is also an award winning Health and Fitness Radio and Television personality whom has lectured in Australia and the United States.  He was awarded the prestigious ‘MBF Health and Wellbeing Award’ for the best Radio report for his weekly ‘Bodytalk’ program aired weeknights on Adelaide’s number one rating Radio Station Radio 5aa, as well as the Excellence in Journalism Award from the Arthritis Foundation.

菲尔博士也是一位获奖的健康与健身广播电视人,曾在澳大利亚和美国演讲。 他获得了著名的“MBF健康与福利奖”,因其每周一次的“Bodytalk”节目播出了最佳广播报道,该节目播出在阿德莱德排名第一的Radio Station Radio 5aa电影周刊,以及关节炎基金会的新闻卓越奖。

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